Color Flowers Technology is magic and rigour, tradition, and innovation.
It is the future.

Ancient process, new technology.
With Color Flowers technology, past and present blend together in an alchemy of hues that make yarns dyed with this process simply unique.
An ancient method, which respects both the environment and people, with regard for sustainability and responsibility.
A new, circular technique centred on the protection of humanity and our environment.


The Color Flowers Technology dyeing process does not use synthetic materials or petroleum derivatives, using instead plants, flowers, and wild herbs. It is a patented, sustainable, and environmentally friendly production method.
With Color Flowers Technology, you can wear the hues of nature: new items that have a low environmental impact and are not aggressive on the skin as they do not release harmful and allergenic substances. In addition, the entire dyeing process produces waste materials that are almost completely reused for different purposes, while the reduced contamination of the water used allows it to be recycled.