About us

Color Flowers Technology has come a long way, from the ancient practice of master dyers who used nature’s elements to enhance their fabrics through colour. The knowledge of our ancestors is the vital lymph for the future, it is the knowledge that has led us to a new, responsible, circular technology, which starts from a flower and becomes a flower once again in the end.

Colours and essences: dyeing textile materials is one of the most ancient techniques developed by humankind, revealing our innate sensitivity to beauty and nature. Over time, people have developed new technologies that have brought on a true revolution in colouring substances, distancing us from the techniques of the past. Now, Color Flowers Technology allows us to go back to basics, to the source of our knowledge, maintaining our respect for natural techniques while using innovative technologies.

Historical Note

There are so many natural elements that have been used as dye over the centuries. Although it is difficult to retrieve a complete list, it is easy to think that the first humans relied on what nature offered them: plants, flowers, and wild herbs, different in each habitat and climatic region.

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There is no evidence that dyeing was already practised in the Palaeolithic, but it was already a known technique in the Neolithic. To get an idea of the colours used in ancient times, a comparative study of the traditions of ethnic groups that still live in very similar contexts to the past comes to our aid. From these studies, we know that our ancestors had a keen sense for colour, especially those who lived in areas where natural sources to draw from were abundant. The chromatic choice, back then, was not only ornamental: it also had a symbolic and evocative value.
From a technical point of view, however, the dyeing chemism which was applied to the colouring materials is remarkable.
This is how Color Flowers Technology was born: a sustainable, environmentally friendly and patented production process that responds to the growing demand of the final consumer to purchase items that have a low environmental impact. With Color Flowers Technology you can wear the hues of nature: new items that have a low environmental impact and are not aggressive on the skin as they do not release harmful and allergenic substances.

Color Flowers is a technology by Prisma Ricerche®